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Grow, Provide and Heal

Through partnerships with retail and private property owners, and other non profit organizations, the program uses seasonal leased property using "urban farming" strategies to grow produce and fruit that will be distributed to facilities and organizations that service military veterans. An innovative component to this program is to engage veterans and their families in various agricultural activities which can boost their overall wellness and wellbeing.


Sustainable Enhancement

Our garden sites help reduce numerous impacts paved surfaces have on our environment. For example, they keep local temperatures lower by reducing Heat Island Effect, lowers excessive storm water runoff and pollution from entering local lakes, rivers and streams and improves air quality. These sites provide substantial opportunity for growing food that can help veterans and their families who are in need of healthy food options.


Unique Use of Space

Urban gardens are increasing. City buildings with the roof or property available are utilizing these spaces to grow food for consumption. Our program takes a creative approach by using vehicular parking spaces as our gardens. Keeping with our commitment to sustainability, our gardens reduce excessive storm water runoff from impervious pavement that saturates our waterways while providing ease of access to our staff and volunteers.

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